CC Outtake: 1992 Suzuki Swift GS Four Door Sedan – Any Others Still Around?

This car caught my eye simply because I didn’t know what it was. I drive past this lot every day during my work commute and finally pulled in to see what it was and I was surprised to see a Suzuki badge on there. Even though I was a kid in the 1990’s, I was pretty astute automotive wise. I was the kid who could name make and model of nearly every car that drove by. I digress but my point being that I have zero recollection of there being Suzuki automobiles on the roads back then.

I remember the Samurai well. I even remember Daihatsus, Charades and Rockys but not Suzukis. I know the Geo Metro was a Suzuki (I didn’t know that as a kid) but I remember Geo Metros. (The memories of the “Getting to know you” Geo commercials are coming back to me now).

I digress again but this is why this car interested me. From what I can gather, this particular car is a 1992-94. I couldn’t find anything to pin the year down exactly. The front bumper design and dash layout looks to be the 1992 update. There’s not much info available for these. The fact that it’s the 4 door sedan is most likely why I noticed it. Had it been the 3 or 5 door hatchback I would probably assumed it was a Metro.

It’s an upper level GS model, pumping out all of 70 horsepower out of it’s 1.3L inline 4 cylinder with the optional 3 speed automatic transmitting the power to the front wheels.

It’s sitting in a small RV storage lot next to a gas station so one would assume it probably spend quite a few miles being towed behind an RV. However the plate expired three years ago and it’s evident it hasn’t moved at all in quite some time. I figured I would document it before it disappears. It may be the only one left.

Photographed in Birmingham, Alabama June 2018