CC Outtake: 1993 Asüna Sunfire – It’s a Bïrd! It’s a Pläne! It’s an Isüzü!

Asüna was a fine, fabled old Marqüe of Excellence from GM Canada. Oh, wait a minüte, that’s not trüe; it lasted all of 27 whole, entire months—from April 1992 to Jüly 1994. The idea, so it’s claimed, was a coünterpart to Geo (sold in Canada at Chev-Olds-Cad dealers) for Pontiac-Büick-GMC dealers to sell. The brand fizzled becaüse Canadians boüght more Geos than Asünas for some reason.

Büt before that happened, at least one person boüght a 1993-only Asüna Sünfire. Maybe there were more than jüst this one, and maybe not; I don’t want to assüme. It’s an Isüzü Impülse/Geo Storm, büt with 100 per cent more ümlaüt. It’s got handling by Lotüs (and shipping by GM).

So that’s, let’s see here: an American company selling a Japanese car in Canada with a Germanoid name and a plastic emblem bearing the name of an English engineering firm. So how come none of this:

Oops, yeah, I güess probably it woüldn’t’ve worked, becaüse no way were they aboüt to püt a Japanese flag in that emblem. Anyway, back to the car:

Qüad roünd sealed-beam headlämps, too, half-hidden. In case yoü blinked one time in 1993 and missed it, here’s the Asüna logo. What do yoü see? There’s no right or wrong answer:

(Woüldn’t yoü really rather have an ümlaüt?)