CC Outtake: 1993 Ford Tempo – It’s The Same Old Song, But With A Different Meaning Since You’ve Been Gone

While I do generally love Apple products for the most part, they can sometimes be a little creepy. The other day, upon opening up the Photos app on my iPhone that houses some 32,000+ photos I’ve taken over the years stored in my iCloud, I was alerted of a “memory” from four years ago today which was when I took this single picture of this 1993 Ford Tempo on my iPhone 5 (I’ve since had iPhones 6, 7, and now X). Upon gazing at it, I was struck with the question, “When was the last time I saw a Ford Tempo?”.

Despite total production of over 2.7 million units over 10 years, the Ford Tempo its continued existence in later years primarily to fleet sales, resulting in premature overuse and abuse, and as a result, shorter vehicle lifespans. I didn’t think much when I shot this Cayman Green ’93 Tempo back in 2014, but truthfully, I can’t distinctly recall seeing any Ford Tempos since. Is the Ford Tempo officially on death watch status?

Photographed on Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts – October 2014