CC Outtake: 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE – Wood You Care For Some Wood With That?


Di-Noc woodgrain was always a hallmark of top trim American stations wagons, but Chrysler was the only manufacturer that ever applied this vinyl appliqué to their minivans as a factory option. In fact, it was once standard on the top spec LE trim of the Caravan and Voyager, and every Town & Country until the early 1990s, upon which high-end Dodges took on a monochromatic color scheme, Plymouths took the two-tone and bright trim route, and Town & Countrys were trimmed in gold accents.


Woodgrain was still offered for the remainder of the second generation, but was never all that common, which makes this 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE almost as rare as an exotic wood, especially considering very little of it appears to have flaked off.


Not only does it have good wood, but this example also features burgundy (Dark Cordovan, I believe was the official name) interior, an intact Pentastar hood ornament, and green Massachusetts plates, meaning this Plymouth is likely still driven by its original owner. If CCs were given points by certain less common qualities, this car definitely would score high on the CC meter.