CC Outtake: 1995 Mercedes-Benz C280 – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Due to some common long-term quality and reliability issues, the first generation Mercedes C-Class (known internally as the W202), does not hold a high opinion in the minds of many. Having never been all that common when new, especially compared to their BMW E36 3 Series rival and larger W210 E-Class sibling, W202s are virtually nonexistent on Massachusetts roads today, most having been either infected with electrical gremlins or rusted away. Seeing this beautifully maintained Brilliant Emerald Pearl 1995 C280 really stopped me dead in my tracks.


As a kid growing up when these were new, I never personally cared for them, finding the styling a bit too formal for such a small car, and especially disliking the triangular taillights that continued to the top of the rear deck. Having not seen any W202s in a long time, stumbling upon this C280 as I was coming out of Whole Foods ignited an instant attraction and change in heart from me. I guess you could say I got a little bit of a car crush on it.