CC Outtake: 1996-2001 Nushen JB6500 – Down The Rabbit Hole To China

(Ed. Note:  The incorrect image was originally used at the top of this post.  The updated image makes everything more understandable.  Sorry for any confusion.)  The Chinese car market is a fascinating place. It’s a land where Daihatsu Charades and Austin Maestros are seemingly immortal, where nameplates like Park Avenue and Taurus outlive their American counterparts, and where some companies pay no heed to copyright laws. Reading about the Chinese market can really take you down the rabbit hole, and it was on one of those sojourns that I learned about this Chinese car. Under the hood of this Chevrolet Lumina APV is a Chrysler engine. Also, this isn’t a Chevrolet Lumina APV. And it has RWD.

Confused? ChinaCarHistory has the full details and it’s worth the read (as are a lot of their articles). Jiangsu Nushen Automobile saw fit to knock off the body design of the Lumina APV and attach it to one of their own rear-wheel-drive platforms. The result was the Nushen JB6500, debuting in China just as the Lumina APV was being discontinued there. It was almost identical in dimensions but used a Chrysler-sourced 2.2 four-cylinder engine.

Fortunately, ChinaCarHistory has immortalized this curious creature as there’s fresh little information available elsewhere. If you search for “Nushen JB6500”, however, you’ll also find this Pontiac Trans Sport done up in Nushen livery for the 24 Hour of LeMons. That’s a theme I can really appreciate.

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