CC Outtake: 1996 Chrysler Town & Country LX – Short On Wheelbase, High On Style


If anyone remembers my 1998 Chrysler Town & Country SX post from a short time ago, you’ll remember that the short-wheelbase 1996-2000 Chrysler “NS” Town & Countrys were quite rare, even when new. In fact, the pictures in that post came from a friend and fellow CC-commentator, as I couldn’t find one. Well, in belated CC-effect fashion, I did.


The LX was only applied to short-wheelbase Town & Countrys for the 1996 model year, making this one a first-year example. Although I’ve never seen one, even in pictures, apparently the driver’s side sliding door was also an extra-cost option for 1996.


In any event, short or long, the NS minivans are arguably the most cleanly designed minivans of all time, and some might even say they have grace. The 1996-1997 Town & Country is my favorite, its waterfall grille, “Camelot” spiralcast wheels, and tasteful chrome accents and gold pin striping appealing to me.

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