CC Outtake: 2002-09 Renault Mégane – I Like Big Butts

There was a time, before the rise of Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, where it was considered almost shameful for a woman to have a large posterior. Among some groups, however, a curvy rear had been a thoroughly desirable trait. In 1992, Sir Mix-a-Lot dropped the unforgettable track “Baby Got Back” which celebrated big butts and became an iconic song in popular culture.

While its lyrics initially seem to be objectifying of women, the song was actually written to increase pop culture representation of curvier women, particularly women of color. Of course, the song was also incredibly catchy and that was one of the reasons it was used in commercials for the 2002 Renault Mégane.

The other reason was, well, the Mégane’s own big ass, as the feature car’s personalized plate succinctly summarizes. After a decade of conservative designs like the Safrane and the 19, Renault was ready to shake things up, including the booty of its C-segment offering – other launch commercials featured Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby (Shaking That Ass)”. The Mégane’s derriere was its defining feature but there was still plenty of attention lavished on its angular and more dynamic front end.

As a quick aside, though, that the Mégane’s license plate isn’t even the funniest one I’ve seen. There’s nothing about a Volkswagen Polo that especially resembles breasts, however. Although it does have a pair of headlights…

The first-generation Mégane had a rather pert little tuchus but the second-generation took it to a whole new level. Sales, too, climbed dramatically – up from a high of 327k units in the first-generation to 465k units in 2004. Subsequent generations of Mégane have never again reached those lofty heights.

But then again, they had small butts.