CC Outtake: 2003-05 Suzuki Twin – Would Make a Great Clown Car

I saw this spiffy Suzuki Twin parked at a Tokyo supermarket last weekend.  I hadn’t paid much attention to these before, but after seeing this one, it just hit me that these would make great clown cars.

I haven’t been back to the US in about 10 years, but I understand the large traveling circuses are all now gone.  Back in the early to mid-1960’s, our family always bought tickets to the “Big Show” as it made it’s annual swing through central Ohio.  I can’t remember if it was Barnum and Bailey’s or Ringling Brothers, but I clearly recall the clowns driving into the center ring, and all piling out of a very small car.  I didn’t know what type of car it was at the time, but I’d now say it was probably a Subaru 360 or an original Fiat 500.  I can still hear the two-cycle engine buzzing and puffing out large clouds of blue smoke…no EPA in those days…

Well, if any of the small regional circuses still operating are in need of a clown car, I think a Twin would fit the bill nicely.

The Twin is a small “kei” class car, with an even shorter wheelbase than a typical mini – seating only two.  Its overall length is just a touch longer than a Smart ForTwo.  Engine is a standard Kei-size 660 cc triple.

Bill Stopford has already reviewed these before, and I can’t improve on his excellent post, but this Twin looks a little unique.  It appears to have been given a little mild customization.

Most of these Twins have black/grey cladding around the wheel wells and bumpers.  This one has a fully painted body.  In addition, all the Suzuki and Twin badges have been removed, and it looks like an aftermarket customizer’s badge was substituted (badge over vents in front bumper – should have got a close-up pic of it).  Nifty aftermarket wheels too.

Kei cars tend to be treated as disposable items with short lifetimes.  Given this one is over 13 years old, it looks showroom new – must be the owner’s pride and joy.