CC Outtake: 2008 to 2011 Ford Escape & Mazda Tribute – Sibling Rivalry

In many families it often seems one sibling seems to have more success in life than the others.  Some may attribute that to talent but fate plays as big a role as anything.

Such is certainly the case with the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape siblings.

Sales of this generation Tribute peaked at 10,786 for 2008 and dropped to a mere 620 by 2012.  Conversely, the Ford Escape sold over 156,000 copies in 2008 and climbed to almost 280,000 by 2012.  There really was no comparison in the success of these two.

Catching two of the three siblings was a score.  Sibling Mercury Mariner ought not be overlooked.

Found May 2019 in Columbia, Missouri