CC Outtake: 2018 “Jeep” City Spirits Eidola – Say What?

Well, what would YOU have thought while faced with this front staring at you? How cool would it be if Jeep introduced an electric city car (not really that cool)?


Not surprisingly, this front belongs to an electric city car, which was revealed to me firstly from the back, as I turned the corner to stop for morning coffee at my regular cafe yesterday before work:

At first I mistook it for a G-Wiz, that similar Indian-made electric car so popular in the UK (mostly London, its natural breading ground). But that never made it to Israel and besides, this one is way too new to be one. Notice the number plate- starting from 2018, Israel moved to eight digit plates, having finished with almost all combinations of seven digits, as these were running from 1980 (some seven digit plates will remain reserved for various government vehicles).

Rounding the tiny car it was clear this was no G-Wiz. It had a better (?) looking fascia and clearly, some sense of styling was intended here. Having reached the office I googled the text under the license plate to find a bona-fida Israeli website, which you can see here. How shocking it was to discover a Hummer version:

Naturally, this isn’t an Israeli car but (surprise surprise) is a Chinese City car made by Jiayuan and called City Spirits Eidola. At least that’s what I could come up with, surfing the web and ending up here, at one of their European websites.

Electric City Jeep, anyone?