CC Outtake: A Little Less Chrome, A Little More Action

lincoln town car touring sedan

Did the sporty, full-sized American luxury car ever have its moment? But for the occasional Eldorado Touring Coupe or DeVille Concours, cars in the full-size luxury segment have generally focussed on high-tech gizmos and/or cushy luxury rather than athletic aspirations. Lincoln offered a Signature Touring option on its third-generation Town Car but these are extremely rare.

lincoln town car signature touring 1

Photo courtesy of Civil Auto

In uptown Manhattan, you don’t really ever stop to look at a Town Car, as due to their popularity as livery cars they are a dime a dozen. I knew something was off when I spotted the featured Town Car, though. Note the blackwalls and lack of chrome. Signature Tourings also offered 20 more horsepower (for 220, with 275 ft-lbs of torque), dual exhaust, larger front brakes, bigger anti-roll bars, and upgraded wheels, tires and shocks. For 2000, power was increased to 235 hp. Puzzlingly for its intended mission, a bench seat was standard.


But just who was Lincoln targeting? If you wanted something dynamic and fun-to-drive, a Town Car probably wasn’t on your list. The price point also eliminated the kind of buyer who wanted an old-fashioned muscle sedan, and engine output wasn’t much to write home about either, anyway: the DeVille Concours offered 300 hp.

lincoln town car signature touring 2

While a Touring Sedan with more distinct visuals – fatter tires, smoked lights, AMG-style wheels – sounds quite appealing, it probably wouldn’t have sold any better. By 2003, the Signature Touring was gone. Once again, who was buying a “sporty” Town Car?