CC Outtake: A 2003-04 Mercury Marauder – With A Carriage Roof?

This rather interesting car was seen at the Hot Rod Power Tour when they stopped in the Quad Cities last summer, on their way up to Wisconsin. Yes, yes, this is really a Mercury Marauder with a carriage roof–the first one I’ve ever seen so equipped.

What’s that? Odd, you say. Why, didn’t you know that all performance cars are supposed to have carriage roofs? The Caprice-based 1994 Impala SS was originally supposed to get a Landau roof with opera lamps, dontcha know!

That said, I actually liked this car–top and all. I think it’s due to the fact that the paint, top material and interior are all black. Now if it had had a tan top (or whitewalls), hmm, I don’t think that would’ve really looked very terrific. But this car? I’d drive it!