CC Outtake: A Beautiful Wedding Car For An Even More Beautiful Bride

The other weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the wedding of a friend and coworker of mine. For context, my friend, the bride, is a supremely kind, elegant and poised woman with terrific fashion sense. A few months ago, she approached me to discuss what kind of car she should have at her wedding. She ended up going with my suggestion.

To be frank, I’m rather bored of the old Daimlers and Rolls-Royces often used as wedding cars here. As we looked on my computer at wedding car companies in the vicinity of her venue, we saw plenty of old Rolls-Royces (boring), Kombi vans (not at all her style) and ‘50s Chevrolets (ditto). Then, she brought up a page she’d looked at earlier. C’est magnifique!

A Citroen Traction Avant in ivory certainly made for a classic, distinctive and elegant wedding car. My friend made a superb choice, just as she did with the venue (a chapel in scenic Montville with spectacular views). But even more importantly, the bride herself was devastatingly beautiful and her special day was unforgettable.