CC Outtake: A Dog House For Those Born To Be Wild

I saw this rig pulled in at a local tire shop; note the tractor tire on the back of the trailer, I doubt it would work as a spare on the Gold Wing.  Or is it just another odd ornament on this eclectic trailer? Exhaust pipe: check. Dog peering out: check. And the admonitions on how to live life: check.

The owner told me he built it himself after the police gave him some flack for having his dogs riding on a little flatbed. Well, a dog trailer is not likely to be available at Trailers R Us.

So now the dogs ride in luxury behind his Goldwing. He told me that it reduces his fuel economy to about thirty-seven mpg, not bad for so much stuff, I suppose. Is that with the dog sticking his head out the window, or tucked in?