CC Outtake: A Heraldic Contrast

Don Andreina’s recent photo of a 2 door RAV4 bracketed by more modern cars, with beautiful lighting and a Soviet-looking apartment block in the (Melbourne) background, really caught my eye. It was still in my mind when I spotted this more common 4 door RAV4 with an unlikely neighbor, just a few days after Don’s CC Outtake.

The 4 door RAV4 is a very common sight here, but seems quite small compared to the newer RAV4’s, which I sometimes mistake for Highlanders. But this old one looms over a Triumph Herald, which is a rare sight now anywhere in the US. Pretty much the only things they have in common are 4 wheels, 4 cylinders, and color. Oh, and a manufacturer’s name starting with “T”. The Herald has been covered in detail by Paul and by Roger Carr, so I can’t add anything, except to note that I think the styling has aged well. Or perhaps I should say I’ve finally come to accept it, as I really didn’t like these cars when I was young: too narrow, and the fins just didn’t work for me on an English car, despite their prevalence on various Farina-styled BMC products, and Sunbeam Alpines.

There’s a Union Jack badge on the trunk lid, under the Herald badge. As for the crossed flags on the rear fender, they look appropriate but I had to do a little research to identify them. The one on the left is St Patrick’s Cross, associated with Ireland and the origin of that shape on the British flag. The one on the right is a black rectangle on white background … any ideas?