CC Outtake: A Shapely Silhouette (No Pun Intended)

oldsmobile aurora at night copy

Earlier today, Brendan Saur took a look at the second-generation Oldsmobile Aurora. He, as well as many other critics and commentators, took exception to the second-generation’s styling. Personally, I find the car exceptionally handsome and feel the design has aged splendidly. However, even I can concede the design lacked the visual drama of the first generation. As you can see, even cloaked in darkness it looks impressive.

What other car could so confidently pull off such a lengthy front overhang? The 1990s weren’t short of curvaceous, outrageous designs – see the Lincoln Mark VIII and Infiniti J30 – but the Aurora is a stunner without looking as porky as, say, the second-generation Chrysler LH cars. The only elements I dislike are the wheel designs, which have dated badly, and the way the headlights seem to point downwards at the sides. This car was a stunner and it’s a crying shame it couldn’t help save Oldsmobile.