CC Outtake: All Original Fairmont! With Clear Plastic Seat Covers!

One of the nice things of living on Canada’s mild West Coast is the myriad of older cars we see. It is rarely below freezing here in Vancouver, so old cars like this can be seen quite regularly.

Behold a completely original Ford Fairmont. I don’t know the year off the top of my head, but I think it is a 1978. It is parked outside near the home of a client. It has the original paint and zero rest, thanks to Vancouver’s salt free (mostly) roads.


But there is even more! The first owner had Paul’s favourite accessory installed: clear plastic seat covers! The car has obviously been outside for its entire life, show how rare the sun shines in Vancouver.

I have not spoken to the owner, but I would assume it has the 3.3 litre boat anchor six and a three speed automatic behind it, the same as my driver’s ed car. I thought it was a slug then. Imagine driving it now!