CC Outtake: An Honest Truck

A few months back I was on my way somewhere on a dreary day when I spotted something bright off to my right. It materialized into a classic 1973-87 Chevrolet C10 pickup–or rather, a 1973-79 model, as this one still had the round headlamps. While not a factory color, I liked it enough to pull to the curb.

It was just a good old purposeful pickup–something seen less and less in new versions. Oh sure, there was always a Super Custom Deluxe Limited Edition model pickup, even back in the Sixties, but most 2014 trucks seem to be the full-zoot screw-frugality models, ferrying four foot tall blonde ladies to the mall. But I digress.

Judging from the visible interior sheetmetal, this car was originally a light cream color, matching the tan seats well. Must’ve been well cared for, as that appears to be the factory upholstery, with nary a tear or visible spring in sight.

And what appeared to be an eight-foot bed too. What a nice, honest old truck! Not mint, not loaded, but nice enough, and I’m sure, still ready for some work!