CC Outtake: Avanti II – The Grille-Less Wonder

The original Studebaker Avanti, an ultra forward-thinking, fiberglass-bodied, bottom-breathing (the first such American production car) personal luxury coupe was unfortunately produced in very low quantities for just for the 1963 and 1964 model years before its untimely discontinuation.

Yet in a unusual circumstance, shortly after its discontinuation, the rights to use the Avanti name, parts, tooling, and production space were bought by several Studebaker dealers close to where the Studebaker Avanti had been produced in South Bend, Indiana. For the next five decades, the Avanti lived on as an ultra-low production hand-built specialty car, with minor modifications along the way.

I can’t quite pinpoint this particular example’s model year, nor the exact engine, but the lack of plate recognition by Carfax and blade-like chrome bumpers predate 1981.

Photographed: Legacy Place, Dedham, Massachusetts – April 2017

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