CC Outtake: Båck To The Future


Future 5

Now that the hoopla over the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future and the DeLorean’s moment in the spotlight has started to subside, Curbsiders can appreciate the 30th anniversary of another car unappreciated in its time but then sent 30 years into the future: the Volvo 780 coupe.  The last of Volvo’s collaborations with Bertone to create exclusive special models, following the 1977-81 262C coupe, the rare 1981 262C “Solaire” convertible (only 5 built), and the 1975-81 264TE limousine, the 780 had a Bertone-designed and built body on the 760 chassis, sharing no body panels with the 740/760.  After its introduction at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show, only 8,518 were sold from 1986-91, renamed simply the Volvo Coupe in its last year.  This survivor has traveled 30 years into the future to make an appearance at a dealership of the currently fashionable vision of the automotive future, the electric powered, technology filled, low slung Tesla.

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