CC Outtake: Beefed Up B

Since MG Bs are rather plentiful and reasonably cheap it stands to reason that a number are going to be modified especially if a stock restoration isn’t cost effective. I found one such car out and about. It has hood pins, slot mag wheels with knock off look spinners caps and a rather large hood blister. Anyone care to speculate what is under the hood?

I don’t think this one would have the always popular Buick/Rover V8 engine since those usually go in the higher end cars. The hood blister suggests a taller engine so I suspect it is a V-something engine. Ford V8? Maybe as it has been done and they do weigh less than the equivalent Chevrolet small block. Those rear tires don’t look wide enough to handle the power of a big American V8 to me. My bet is on the Chevrolet V6 engine from a Chevrolet S10 or Camaro. The 60 degree angle makes it narrower but taller than the Buick 3.8L and it is reputed to be less weight than the original 1.8L MG engine. The GM V6 comes in 2.8L, 3.1L and 3.4L displacements and even the lowest powered version makes more power and torque than decently modified MG B stocker. It is also quite a popular swap and there is even more than one company out there making conversion kits. For those up in arms about the possibility of a truck engine in a sports car remember that the B’s Austin B-series motor was used in such motorsports standouts as the Leyland Sherpa, Morris J2 van and Massey-Harris Combine Harvester. Seems MG owners should lay off the Triumph boys and their “tractor” engine.

With the chrome grill and later dash I’d put this one as a late 1969 or early 1970 model assuming those are the stock pieces. Some more hot rod touches in the interior with an eight ball shifter and non-stock tachometer. Seats are definitely not MG. Anyone recognize those?

Dual exhaust out back again building a case for a vee configuration engine. Sadly there was no one around to ask for a peek under the bonnet so unless I see it again all we can do is speculate what it might be or what we hope it might be. So what is your guess?