CC Outtake: Big Miss Sunshine

jaguar xjs

Some people may feel this is the wrong color on the wrong Jag. Don’t most people fantasize about owning an XK-E in British Racing Green? The XJS doesn’t get much love, and this banana yellow paint color is one I’ve never seen on a Jag. Maybe the shade is “wrong”, but I quite like these XJS coupes.


This is a nicer color. An XJS wasn’t supposed to be as flashy as a Lamborghini, it was supposed to be an elegant grand tourer. Some of the styling details on these were a bit peculiar, like the side rear window detailing and the flying buttresses, but kudos to Jaguar for trying something different. I doubt many would regard the XJS as being the beauty its predecessor was, but it would make a fine ride, its V12 engine purring as you lope through the countryside. Whether or not it was the car’s competence or Jaguar’s financial issues, it was an enduring model and was sold for just over twenty years! Curbsiders, are you a fan of this Jag and its sunny paintjob?