CC Outtake: BMW E34/5S – 1 of 891

What are the odds? The five-series has become sort of my hobbyhorse here at CC, but really, statistically, when tomorrow morning you open your front door to drive your 24 year old Toyota to the station to pick up your sister-in-law, what are the odds of an E34/5S, an M5 touring parked right in front of your house? I have been spotting cars for 27 years and counting. This is my first E34 touring. 1 of 891 produced. It made me wish I had played the lottery that week.

Of course I remained skeptical at first. Could have been just the E34/5S wheels bolted to a regular E34 wagon. Could have been just the rear fender of an M5. Could have been just the six speed manual from an 540i. But then I looked at the speedometer. It indicated 300 kph. And at the tach, which indicated a 6800 rpm redline. And really, who is going to bother to put all these items in place, to create a fake M5 touring? It is still a possibility, but the chance is slim.

What strikes me the most about this example is the poor cosmetic condition on the outside. Sure, if you are the guy who parks his M5 touring in a street like mine where the average car is worth like 3000 bucks, a place where you don’t even bother counting the number of new dents after parking your car… This is what makes this car even rarer than it is already.

This is not a concourse M5 touring, not even a climatized garaged example. No, the owner of this car even had a note in his window, advising the reader to call his cell before calling a tow truck. The note was all bleached out from the sun. He takes his horse out to town. This guy does what an M5 is made for. Drive it. And I love it.