CC Outtake: Braving the Deluge

oldsmobile delta 88 rain

Exploring East Harlem one day, I suddenly got caught in torrential summer rain… not the light downfall Belinda Carlisle sang about dancing in! Bereft of an umbrella, I sought shelter but I simply had to run into the rainstorm to get a photo of this Oldsmobile Delta 88 coupe. I’d spotted the odd Olds C and H-Body sedans a handful of times, but this was the first time I’d seen a coupe in the metal. Judging by the sealed beam headlights, this would be a first-year 1986 as the Delta 88 switched to composites for 1987. The rainstorm prevented me from getting any more photographs – at the time I had a mere iPhone 4S with the headphone outlet on top which made it prone to water damage – but I wish I could have stumbled across this Delta again on a day as light and sunny as its paint color. Have you ever braved inclement weather or some other unideal situation to get a closer look at a car?