CC Outtake: Brisbane Drift

nissan 180sx silvia toyota supra

Some people say that young people aren’t interested in cars. I say to that, “What?!” Here’s proof: a suburban home with not one but THREE Japanese tuner cars: a Toyota Supra, and two separate generations of Nissan Silvia. Although the Supra and the older Silvia (also known as the 180SX in fastback form) were never officially sold in Australia, you wouldn’t think that upon seeing the sheer number of them on Australian roads. The S13-series 180SX/Silvia in particular is extremely common, and I’ve never seen anyone over, say, the age of 30 driving one. Or the Supra for that matter.

In fact, one of my best friends who is just one year older than me (born 1989) drives a Toyota Supra of this vintage. A stick, no less. And her slightly older sister has a Mazda RX-8. They aren’t the only people I know who are young and love cars. To me, “young people aren’t interested in cars” is one of those throwaway remarks like, “This didn’t happen in the old days!” or “Things used to be so much better” or “All new cars look exactly the same!” Nonsense, as far as I’m concerned.