CC Outtake: Broughams Live Here

9-13 - 9-14-2013 022 (800x575)

How can there be a Brougham Day without me chiming in? Well, how about this twofer? Some folks don’t care for the 1993-96 Fleetwood/Fleetwood Brougham, but I like them just as much as the “classic” 1980-92 Brougham. It’s not just me, judging from this pair I saw last September.

9-13 - 9-14-2013 022 (800x594)

Both were in really nice shape, and I actually spoke to the owner for some time after he arrived home and saw me checking out that LT1 Fleetwood. The black Brougham d’Elegance is also his, picked up for a song, though it did need a bit of work. It runs great now though! That white Fleetwood (a ’94 as I recall) was in mint condition too, with low miles.