CC Outtake: Buick Verano With Rear Wheel Steering

I happened to be in downtown Flint , MI today and walked past this late model Buick Verano with the rear passenger wheel snapped off on Saginaw Street.  A  kindly elderly gentleman was waiting there with it for the tow truck…it was his niece’s car and she had to get to work.  The car was just three years old, and seemed to be in otherwise  in impeccable shape and freshly washed to get the snow and slush off.


The man wasn’t sure how many miles were on it.  He thought she might of hit a pothole but he couldn’t find it in the immediate vicinity. If it was a pothole…it was a doozy.  OK, let’s not immediately pile on GM here. But generally speaking modern day cars these days are made of pretty stout stuff…and you just don’t see this kind of major failure too often, even on old hoopties.