CC Outtake: Camo Chrysler

Seeing Paul’s recent encounter with a War Honda reminded me….it’s not alone in this world.

Welcome the Camouflage Chrysler.

I’m not about to say this Chrysler is more war ready than is a Civic; I’ve experienced the raucous good times a misbehaving Ultradrive automatic can provide.  Maybe it’s the colonel’s car thus not intended for front line duty.

The colonel means business too.  The extended exhaust looks like a periscope, the wheel wells have been opened considerably, and there is a fire extinguisher mounted on the trunk lid.  With the tinted windows, goodness knows what sort of other accessories rest inside.

But the owner is obviously equipped for whatever comes his way.  It even appears he stays connected using Apple products.

However that “ABG” is perplexing, but given this Chrysler’s new purpose in life, it likely stands for “Always Bring Groceries”.  One needs to be prepared.

Found November 2, 2018

West Plains, Missouri