CC Outtake: Chevy 3100 vs. Chevy 2500 – The Old vs. The Not Quite Newest

Chevy 3100 Chevy 2500

While not exactly stock anymore, the 1953 (?) Chevy 3100 struck me as it sat curbside ahead of the Chevy 2500 that’s  around 65 years newer.  Beyond height due to ground clearance and the extra length of the crew cab portion on the 2500, there are similarities.  The beds look the same length, the hoods are similar as well, and the overall roof height isn’t massively different either especially as the older truck looks slightly lowered.  And they are both white as…snow.  Even the bed on the older truck isn’t any more accessible with the owner’s side panel attachments; perhaps this truck actually is used to still haul stuff although it looked to be far more on the show side of the ledger than most trucks in town.  And in case you weren’t aware, the 3100 actually denotes the half ton trim, the 3/4 ton would have been a 3600 and a one-ton a 3800 – compared to todays 1500, 2500, and 3500 designations.  I wonder if the newer, larger, heavier truck actually sees better fuel economy?