CC Outtake: Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Woody (In Time For) Wagon (Week)


Many of my rather rare submissions these days are a result of my near daily long walks around Eugene.  Today’s walk was rather meta:  I walked to the mall to buy new shoes, as my currents are quite worn.  Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and neglected to grab one of my Canon point-and-shoots from the studio, but fortunately I had my newish phone to capture this increasingly rare specimen.

My only-ever seat time in a K-car was when my dad and I were searching for my first car in the mid 90s, and we test drove a Plymouth sedan from Paul’s Automotive, in Coos Bay, Oregon.  The car seemed nice enough overall but had a nasty shake above 40 mph.  We took it to Dad’s trusty mechanic Ken, who promptly shook his head and told us to walk.  (Said much the same about a first-gen Excel.)


Knowing very little about most cars, I actually thought the paneling was real wood.  Even touched it to make sure.  Fortunately, Paul is rather knowledgeable about cars *cough* and informed me that the paneling is plastic, but that Chrysler went to great trouble to make sure it fades from the sun just like real wood. Better living through chemistry. And he told me that these have become rare here, and he’s never found one yet. (For anyone rather new to CC, Paul and I both live in Eugene, Oregon.) But Perry Shoar did find one in Indiana, and his full write-up is here.


K-cars were all over the place in their time, but not so much these days.  Particularly these Woodies.  I’ll rely on the CC-Commentariat to provide more details regarding production numbers and so forth.  Meanwhile, since I left my new shoes at the studio, I’m going to take a walk in these: