CC Outtake Classic: 1956 Ford Thunderbird – Sweet Little 16

Earlier this week, I posted some old photos from a trip to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg festival in Auburn, Indiana over labor day weekend of 1972 (here).  Here is the last photo from that trip:  A sixteen year old Thunderbird.

There are a few cars that never really join the ranks of ordinary used cars.  The two-seat Thunderbird is one of them.  Even at thirteen years old, I understood this.  So when I walked past this car on a side street on the way back to our own car (my Mom’s 2 month old ’72 Cutlass Supreme) I knew that I had to snap this picture.

Of all of the little Birds, I think that the ’56 is my favorite.  I think that it’s the Continental kit.  It just looks right on this car. 

There have been a couple of times in the thirty-nine years since I took this picture when I have seen a Gen1 T-Bird parked unattended out in the wild, but never one this nice.  So, this car remains in my personal recordbook, and seemed worth sharing.

Now, I wonder if that International bucket truck in the background was one of Michael Freeman’s  . . .