CC Outtake: Crossover Conformity In Columbine Cliffs

A recent drive through the neighborhood of Milton I grew up in, referred to “Columbine Cliffs” or simply, “The Columbines”, revealed a few distinct car related-changes in the almost seven years since I’ve lived there. As I drove along winding Hinckley Road, lined with mature trees and architecturally charming homes from the early 1900s, former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick’s home included, I came to notice pretty much what one would expect from an established upper-middle class Massachusetts neighborhood.

Chiefly, I saw fewer Volvo wagons and Saabs, and more hybrids and luxury CUVs, such as the new BMW X1 in the driveway of former neighbors, the Greens, who were last driving a Volvo XC70 at the time I moved. Among the most CC-worthy sight, however, was this double Lexus RX 350 driveway of the house formerly occupied by the Schiffmans, a family I knew growing up. I guess no demographic is immune to today’s crossover conformity.

Photographed: Columbine Cliffs, Milton, Massachusetts – December 2017