CC Outtake: Customized 1956 Buick Special

Sometime back my supervisor sent me to drop off a car at a local Nissan dealer, where I stumbled upon this fine machine sitting in the customer parking area.

I’m not the biggest expert on cars from this era, but according to the license plate, it’s a mildly customized 1956 Buick Special sporting Chevy headlight bezels, a Ford Fairlane grille ( maybe ?) ,  modified Cadillac front bumper, and Packard taillights along with the then de riguer Dodge Lancer hubcaps, lake pipes, shaved door handles, Lincoln Continental-style bumper mounted spare tire ( known in gearhead lingo as a “Continental Kit” ) , and white tuck-and-roll upholstery. 

I caught a brief glimpse of the owner as my co-worker and I arrived. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find him, so I couldn’t get all the pertinent facts about this car, or its history. It sure is nice though.