CC Outtake: Custom Colt – Colpage, Champage, Or?

On a recent visit to Calgary I came across this rather interesting customized Colt. Not sure if it was a Dodge, Plymouth or perhaps even an Eagle Vista (Canada only) but definitely a fourth generation Colt. Even a stock one of these would be a rare sight these days here but this one had been converted into a mini pickup. Steel beam bumpers with tow bar attachments and a roll bar equipped with plenty of lights in the bed gave it a rather off-road dune-buggy vibe. The grille has been replaced with a grill, a steel grate more commonly seen on a BBQ. Best of all there was a functional vertical smoke stack exhaust in the rear just like a semi-truck. You can just see a bit of exhaust plume by the lights on the roll bar. My hat goes off to the builder for making something interesting of an old beater.

Not sure what one would name this, but GM car-truck creations are usually something-amino, Fords are something-chero after the Chevrolet El Camino and Ford Ranchero respectively. Perhaps this could be Colpage after the Dodge Rampage … not sure it quite as the same ring to it though. Can anyone think of a better name?