CC Outtake: Death of the American Sedan

The death of the American sedan was a leading story on the automobile industry in 2018, covered in automotive, business, and general news media.

The mid-market American sedan has been approaching extinction despite ongoing sales of sedans from Tesla and other luxury marques, and many regret this development. How it happened was widely discussed and debated, along with whether the trend is permanent or temporary, but a consensus exists on why: the rise of the SUV and CUV. This street scene from February 2019 could be an allegory of the mid-market American sedan’s demise: a ghostly white early 1980s Oldsmobile 98 points toward the graveyard, with black and grey SUV/CUVs surrounding it like pallbearers. The “One Way” sign may be just a sign, or a symbol of whether the sedan will ever come back.

CC Outtake: Archival Quality 1980-84 Oldsmobile 98 Regency