CC Outtake: E-Body Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz – Best Regards From The Eighties

(first posted 12/11/2017)       Again I visited my Mom last Friday, and went out for a run. This time I stumbled upon an American luxury icon. Well, maybe not this specific Malaise-Era Eldorado.

The vision I saw from across the street was this beauty (?!), flanked by two generation 6 Golfs, which quite remarkably manage to dwarf the Eldorado:

I never cease to be amazed at the difference between classic and contemporary cars – their size, their proportions or their (quite evident by this photo) wheel size.

Moving in closer, the majestic blue rears its head. It actually looks quite good. As for the Caddie itself? well alright, it’s got all its trim, even the emblems. But it’s also obvious this has not been restored and is a weekend car, not being moved much. I don’t know if you can see some washout under its wheels from a recent rain.

Parked in the sun too long, as you can tell by the cracked rubber (and burned paint clear-coat). Also, it carries foreign license plates, white at the front, yellow at the rear – British? It’s obviously a new import, but you’d expect it to come from the US. Curious.

I’ll finish off with this photo of a classic Eldorado most certainly not common in Israel. Not that I’m a Cadillac expert, but judging by the front grill I’d place this one at around 1984-1985.