CC Outtake: Ford F-150 And Lincoln Mark LT: The Prince And The Pauper

Going to Walgreens, and what do I see?

A Lincoln Mark LT – and it looks a lot like me!

But does it really?  It isn’t red –

But it too has a really short bed.

The trailer hitch is the same,

as are the cab steps with which both came.

The Lincoln has more taillight so it can be detected,

But in truth it’s only light that will be reflected.

My Ford certainly has less chrome,

Less adornment that can call it home.

Big Red has a 4.6 and is a 4×4,

the Lincoln has a high-zoot 5.4.

Both are crew cabs with windows tinted,

Yet the Lincoln required more coin to be minted.

My ’07 Ford has many believers who are true blue,

For Lincoln, in ’07?  Only 8,382.