CC Outtake: Fall Colors GMC

Well, it is now officially fall, and it’s definitely starting to look like it, at least around here . In Alberta we don’t get too many reds, but lots of yellows and oranges. In keeping with this theme, here’s a rather fall-colored GMC 1500 truck I came across–and it looks to be a working example rather than a pampered restoration.

This generation of GMC pickups were built in the same factories as their Chevrolet siblings, but with a unique grille that maintained their GMC identity.  While the Chevrolets sported a different grille every couple of years, GMC simply kept the same basic grille theme with subtle tweaks. Those on this grill indicate that this is either a 1969 or 1970 model. A helpful fender badge tells us this one has a V8 engine under the hood. The 1500 trim and six-bolt wheels denote the half-ton version.

This generation of the C/K series reflected GM’s new emphasis on comfort. This example is a base-trim 1500, but GMC also offered a plusher Sierra trim level. Even on lighter-duty two-wheel drive Chevrolet pickups, rear coil springs came standard and harder-riding leaf springs were optional. At GMC, the opposite was true. Back then, people thought of GMC as more of a work truck, so with GMC models the leaves were standard and coils optional.