CC Outtake: Family of F-bodies

The fact that old cars tend to gather together is well proven but I was a little surprised to come across so many classic F-bodies at one house in the middle of the city. This household certainly seems to have a thing for classic Camaros and Firebirds although I did see a modern Camaro parked there too yesterday.

Birds of a feather gather together I guess. The white 1969 Camaro is hidden from this view but what else do we see? A pair of 70s Firebirds – one with the 1977-1978 nose and the other wearing the 1979-1981 beak. As far as the first generation stuff goes I believe we have a 1968 Firebird out on the street next to another Camaro (1968 too?) and a 1969 Firebird on the lawn. Corrections would be appreciated if I got any of those wrong.

What side do you fall on? Camaro or Firebird? While the first generation isn’t my favorite I’d take the Firebird as it is quite a bit less common.

How about first versus the second generation? The earlier car might have the edge on horsepower but the later car would handle better. Styling is pretty subjective but this 1977 or 1978 defines Firebird for me. No doubt thanks to Smokey and the Bandit. The hood on the one above looks a little naked without the trademark “Screaming Chicken”.