CC Outtake: Firebird Feeder

Wild Birds

If you find a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with its “screaming chicken” hood decoration to be so overdone that the sight of one makes you want to vomit, in this instance that instinct could be a beneficial one. “In the fall & winter your birds are cold & hungry!” says the sign in this Firebird’s beak, which is open like that of a hungry chick in a nest, begging its mother to feed it by regurgitation.  Being a 1977-78 that is 37-38 years old, this Firebird is no spring chicken, but it is in excellent, apparently original condition, with slightly dull paint that suggests what a well cared for example would have looked like in the early 1980s.  I see it on a regular basis parked near this store for bird watchers, so it may belong to the store owner, who appears to have a liking for elaborate automotive puns.  For me a late 1970s Trans Am inspires good memories of the 1980s rather than nausea, even though I have never driven one, and this example (plus T-tops) is exactly the sort that I want to take on a cruise one of these days.