CC Outtake: First Snowfall Edition

You’d think that in a region having only two seasons–winter, and road construction–people would know how to drive in the white stuff. But every year like clockwork, people seem to lose their minds on the first snowy day. We’ve already had a bit of snow here and there, but today’s was the first real dump. It makes this Mazda Protege5 look like a tall CUV. Let’s see what else braved today’s snow to actually make a move.

Obviously, this oddly door-paneled Ford Mustang comes from a home with a garage, and probably isn’t the first car that springs to mind when I refer to a winter driver. The wife and I used to have a ’96 Mustang GT as our only car (well, not exactly; I also had a summer-only ’78 Z28) for a couple of years. Even on regular all-season tires, it wasn’t as horrific in the winter as you might expect.

That said, I’ll bet this little front-wheel drive Eagle Summit is easier to pilot around.

This Chevrolet Chevette certainly has ‘small’ and ‘rear-wheel drive’ covered. It looks like the owner wisely equipped it with winter rubber using the money he saved by forgoing a professional respray. Perhaps the Mellow Yellow sticker is a tribute to Tom Cruise’s ride in “Days of Thunder”?

Many people don’t bother to sweep snow off their car’s roof.  During my first winter in my first car, a 1980 Dodge Maxivan, the first time its roof was swept was when I had to make a quick stop at a traffic light on the day after a decent-size snow dump. Predictably, what seemed like a hundred cubic feet of snow slid off the long roof onto the road just ahead of me at a busy intersection. It wasn’t my finest hour, but ever since then I’ve been conscientious about sweeping away most of the snow on the roof.

This Chysler LHS is sporting a sort of snow Mohawk, as a well a bit of icicle drool. Note that the wipers on the cars next to it are pointed skyward in order to prevent them from freezing to the windshield. Is this automotive fashion faux pas worth it?

Since the name of this site is Curbside Classic, we’d better show a classic vehicle. This 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer is the perfect classic for a snowy day. The high-visibility orange paint comes in handy, too.

Its trusty 350 cu in V8 and four-wheel drive will get you moving just fine.

Comically-sized snow piles spring up when the lots are plowed.

This Volkswagen Golf makes a rather sensible winter beater.

Keep warm…and don’t get stuck!