CC Outtake: Ford Windstar & Mazda MPV – Welcome To Minivan Land

Minivans. Washington Heights, a predominantly Puerto Rican and Dominican neighborhood in uptown Manhattan, is full of them. I’ve featured the disproportionately large number of Nissan Quests and Mercury Villagers in my old ‘hood but they’re not the only vans. From Buick Terrazas to Mercury Montereys, from first-generation Plymouth Voyagers to GMC Safaris, Washington Heights is a veritable Minivan Land. Because of this, it makes photographic pairings like this very easy to find.

Summer is over now but I can’t look at this picture without remembering summer in the Heights. The season is always marked by two things: fire hydrants being opened for kids to play in, and minivans parked by the curb at night with their sliding door open and stereo blaring lively Latin music. People will pull up a patio chair and sit by their mobile club. I don’t know why minivans are so popular in my old ‘hood but I don’t mind one bit. Bienvenido a la tierra de los minivans.

Photographed June 2017 in Washington Heights, Manhattan.