CC Outtake: (Former) 1987-1991 Honda CRX: X Marks The Spot

Unfortunately, it was the wrong spot in this case.

This flattened heap of metal is all that’s left of this 2nd-generation Honda CRX after it apparently lost an argument with Mother Nature. Somehow the huge tree in the owner’s ( I’m assuming ) backyard became uprooted and fell, taking out the wooden fence and the CRX along with it. I was at the transmission shop just up the street, picking up a car for one of my bosses, when I saw this sad sight.

In all honesty, I’ve never been a FWD subcompact sort of guy, but if I had to choose one, the second-generation CRX would be one of my top picks, so I was saddened to see this one suffer such an inglorious fate.

The license tag indicates this car hasn’t been registered since 2005. Whether it was someone’s on-hold project, or a forgotten driveway ornament, I have no idea. It’s still a shame for its life to be ended this way.

RIP little CRX. You will be missed.