CC Outtake: Four-Cel? TerRunner?



The roommate and I pulled up to our mechanic’s shop a month ago and I couldn’t quite believe what was in the driveway.  My Toyota knowledge and enthusiasm is well documented, but the car I saw took me entirely by surprise.  I wondered around it, jaw ever slackening, admiring the details.




I’ve owned a Tercel wagon and always notice them out and about but this was a first.  I recognized parts of the frame and drivetrain, but wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing.


The owner saw me wandering around and taking pictures and came out to let me in on the rig.  I forget the exact year but they match, the body being obviously a Tercel wagon, and the rest of it being a Four Runner.  Brilliant!


It all made sense once I noticed the placement of the spare.  I had to use mine several time traipsing around the Cascade and Coastal Range logging roads in my Faux Runner.  The custom running boards are a nice touch, as is the consistent use of spent bullet casings in the decor.


I don’t recall the exact story of why this rig came about, but it is a fully functional four-wheel drive rig, with a paint job to match.


A bed-liner finish is a rather appropriate touch for this rig.  I’ve seen a few other examples of this finish and it is an impressive sight.  Wade sprayed a mid-80’s Jimmy and it looked fantastic.  I’m going to have to get one of my Toyotas done like this some day.