CC Outtake: Fox Redux



The fox is a shy animal, difficult to find and photograph in the wild.  A rare repeat sighting of the Audi Fox that I previously profiled presented an ideal opportunity to reiterate one of my earlier points about the Fox: the difference between its trim and chiseled shape and the bulky designs that predominate today. 

Finding it sandwiched between two current mainstream midsized sedans, a Honda Accord Camry and a Ford Fusion, illustrates this point perfectly.  The high and puffed-out rears of the Accord Camry and Fusion allow superior trunk space, probably giving them six-body trunks if you stack them vertically three deep, but the low beltline and larger windows of the much smaller Fox give it a decided advantage in driver field of view and passenger perception of space.  Whether the Fox’s classic German three-box style or the parabolic profile of modern sedans is preferable is a matter of personal preference, but since I don’t carry bodies in my trunk, my preference goes to the former.