CC Outtake from Thailand: Partial Colt?

One of my relatives is wintering in Thailand this year, exploring the country via rented motorcycle. James’ Instagram feed has been heavy on hilly scenery, temples, and food.

It’s been great fun to see what delights he has found. He doesn’t often take photos of old cars, so this one from Chiang Mai caught my attention:

So what is it? At first I thought it was most of an early Toyota Corolla, but they have more creased fender tops. It looks more Dodge Colt-ish to me, but it would certainly help if the rest of the car was there. Whatever it is, it’s been subject to some customization as well. Note the huge speakers, fender flares and very weird front seats.

That’s my guess anyway, please comment below if you think you know what this started out as, why is a good chunk of the car missing?