CC Outtake: Getting Passed on the Left by a 1967 Olds Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe

It never ceases to amaze me how folks don’t really pay attention to posted speed limit changes. Case in point, I passed this ’67 Olds Cutlass on my way to work recently, but a couple miles further on after the speed limit dropped from 70 to 55, he came roaring around me on the left, having barely slackened from the 65 or so he had been doing.

The signage on the car indicates it’s a participant in The Great Race, which made a stop in Peoria a few years ago. Maybe he was trying to average out his speed for the rally?

Likely powered by a 330 c.i.d. (5.4l) 320 hp Jetfire Rocket V8, this generation of Cutlass was a good performer and was made of top-notch materials – even at 50 years old it’s still quite eye-catching!

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