CC Outtake: GM’s Full-Size Cars, 30 Years Apart

When I saw this ’77-79 Chevrolet Caprice coupe and this 2007-12 GMC Acadia in Condesa in Mexico City, I was struck by how much GM’s full-size offerings have evolved.

For example, that Caprice is 212 inches long while the Acadia is only around 201 inches long. Despite this, the Acadia fits in three rows of seating for up to eight passengers. The Acadia is also both more powerful and more economical.

Interestingly, both the featured generations of Caprice and Acadia had lengthy production runs and both remained competitive against their direct rivals. The difference was the Caprice had a dwindling number of direct rivals, while the Acadia entered a booming segment.

The Caprice’s elegant, creased styling has aged well and the coupe’s bent-glass rear window is highly distinctive. These old Chevys may not quite be rolling across the block at Barrett-Jackson but they enjoy the attention of a relatively large number of enthusiasts, including lowrider and donk aficionados.

Time will tell if the Acadia will ever enjoy the same level of attention. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, or an unexpected spotlight—did anyone ever think an AMC Pacer or Ford Torino would become iconic?