CC Outtake – Homemade Camper For The Apocalypse That Never Happened (Yet)?


(first posted 12/21/2013)     Even though Dave Skinner was in my town last week, he apparently did not take note of one of the more interesting vehicles I’ve seen recently.  This is parked in a field behind a repairshop on my way to my kid’s preschool and has been begging me to stop and take a closer look for a few weeks now…

I had no idea what it was when I saw it from the street and getting closer did not help either.  Obviously something has been grafted onto the top but I was stumped by even the main body.


To my eye it looks like a relic of the early 60’s or late 50’s but I know many of you will know exactly what it started life as.


The steering wheel gives away that it is a Chevy.  Was it a sort of fire truck or similar specialized utility vehicle?


And what exactly has been grafted on (with rivets and done quite well, I might add)?


This shot coming around the back makes the twin rear axles very obvious, I was wondering if both axles were powered and tried to look under but that damp looking ground was quite a bit softer than it appeared at first glance, so I decided not to sacrifice my shoes this time…


This shot shows space for a rear platform and holders for some sort of cylinder or drum.  What looks to be the fuel filler can be seen at the bottom left of the rear window.  Looking at the pictures makes me think that the whole rear wall was added on later.


The truck appears to have used a vast quantity of diamond-plate, structurally the whole thing looked quote solid.  The tires were definitely low on air but it looks almost ready to go.


Here’s a shot that reveals part of the engine.  If this was a fire truck does it make sense that the wheel and other parts were such light colors?  I’m sure someone out there can enlighten (no pun intended) us.


Here we can see (along with some rather bad reflections) some sort of workbench or table area.  That half-car on top really let a ton of light in, it was very bright and airy.


And on this side (shot through the back window) we can see cabinets, a counter and yes that is a cooktop on top.  Overall this thing seems like at one time it was a formidable beast, ready to tackle whatever nature (or man) threw at it.  So tell us, commentariat, what exactly is this unholy union of truck and car?